MAFS AU groom Jason Engler tears up during genital cupping intimacy exercise with wife Alana Lister

Married At First Sight Australia viewers were disturbed, confused and amused this week by an exercise designed to increase intimacy that involved a husband and wife cupping each other's genitals.

As part of the show's new 'Intimacy Week', newlyweds Jason Engler and Alana Lister were invited to participate in the activity by sexologist Alessandra Rampolla.

"I'm excited that you feel you have good chemistry, you're clearly very comfortable with sex, but I want to help that physical aspect really nurture the emotional aspect," Rampolla told the pair.

Engler and Lister, described as the "most sexually advanced couple in the experiment", were asked to stand very close to one another, gazing into each other's eyes before placing one hand on their partner's private area.

"I'm anxious, I'm nervous," Engler said before the activity began. "Showing your feelings - it's not something I feel comfortable with."

The couple dissolved into giggles initially, with Engler insisting it wasn't "awkward, just a bit uncomfortable".

"It's other level intimate. It's going to feel entirely different. It's just cupping - there should be no caressing," Rampolla advised. 

After a few false starts, the pair were eventually able to complete the exercise, which they found surprisingly emotional.

"That was beautiful," said Rampolla as couple kissed.

"Did you tear up at one point?" Engler asked his wife, who replied "a little".

"Yeah same, it was weird eh? Oh God, I've got to rein it in," Engler said, drying his eyes.

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