Paris Hilton 'so angry' watching 'rude, chauvinistic' radio hosts insult her in 2011 interview

Hilton said she'd "never forget the feeling I felt in that room."
Hilton said she'd "never forget the feeling I felt in that room." Photo credit: Instagram/ Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton has shared the full, unedited video of a radio interview she did in 2011 in which she was interrupted and insulted by the male hosts, who called her "spoilt" after she left the studio. 

The hotel heiress wrote on social media that she was "so angry" watching the footage for the first time, saying she didn't know the interview with the Opie and Anthony show was being filmed and had just been sent it by a friend. 

The footage begins with one host telling Hilton "you're a little too wild", before asking if she ever wants to "smack Lindsay Lohan in the face". 

Hilton attempted to shrug off the comment by saying she wished Lohan the best, which prompted the hosts to grill her about whether she was "annoyed" with them. 

The broadcasters also told Hilton she was "a tough one" while other guests they had interviewed on the show were much "easier". The hosts asserted that because the socialite and businesswoman was meant to be promoting her reality show The World According to Paris, she should be willing to answer whatever questions they had about her personal life. 

At one point in the interview, Hilton is asked: "what's it like being so completely rich?" before having her answer shut down. 

"I've worked for everything I achieved," she responded. "I've been working since I was 15 years old." 

Hilton was quickly cut off by one host, who repeatedly told her to "stop" before pressing "now, worked in what way?" 

As the interview became increasingly tense, one of the hosts declared that the radio show's listeners "didn't like her". 

Hilton signed a photo for one of the DJs before she left, at which point he called her "a spoilt human being". Another staff member then entered the studio and claimed he had heard Hilton say that she wasn't going to "waste her time being berated". 

"I bit my tongue for the show, if we hear one word of shit from a publicist about that... we were not rude to her," one of the hosts retorted. 

Ten years on, Hilton said on Instagram that she "would never forget the feeling she felt in that room". 

"It’s something I had to go through on too many occasions. It makes me so angry and sad to watch. Sad that I had to continue to put on a brave face and be polite while hurting so much inside." 

"I am strong and brave now and I will never put up with this again. And I hope by having these conversations it could be an inspiration to other girls and women to not stand for this," she added. 

In a similar tweet, Hilton called the radio hosts "rude and chauvinistic". 

It's not the only resurfaced interview featuring Hilton that has been doing the rounds online recently. Last month, a 2007 interview Hilton gave to David Letterman prompted outrage due to the talk show host's aggressive line of questioning about her 45-day stint in jail. 

This week, Hilton told E! News she felt Letterman had "purposefully humiliated her" on the show. "I was just getting so uncomfortable and I was so upset," she said.