Piers Morgan reveals 'stomach-churning' threats sent to sons after Meghan Markle rant on Good Morning Britain

Piers Morgan claims his three sons were sent "venomous abuse and threats of violence" amid the backlash prompted by his assertion Meghan Markle was a liar. 

The former Good Morning Britain host penned a diary-style article for the Daily Mail detailing his dramatic exit from the breakfast show following his response to Meghan and Prince Harry's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

In Morgan's rant against the Duchess of Sussex he repeatedly insisted he didn't believe her claims of racism within the Royal Family and the revelations she was refused help by the institution when suffering suicidal thoughts. 

"The clearly orchestrated social media pile-on against me intensified through the afternoon," Morgan wrote of March 8, the day after the bombshell television special aired in the US. 

"I've always subscribed to the 'if you dish it out, you've got to take it' philosophy," he continued. 

"But my three sons told me they too are all being targeted and sent me screenshots of venomous abuse and threats of violence towards them, which made my stomach churn." 

Morgan said that police were already investigating a death threat made to him and his eldest boy Spencer last month. 

"None of them even care about Meghan Markle, let alone agree with my views on her. Yet the Twitter troll mob has found them guilty by association," he said. 

"One troll vowed to murder me in front of them, and added: 'When your dad dies, the world will have a party.'" 

Morgan noted that he had "broken the all-time record" for the number of complaints made against him to UK TV regulator Ofcom with 57,000, including one from Meghan herself. 

The broadcaster also included screenshots of several different petitions to have him returned to his role on Good Morning Britain, which he claims have garnered more than 300,000. 

Morgan said it was his refusal to apologise for his comments about Meghan which led to his departure from the show, writing that he had a moment of clarity after being told by ITV's Director of Television that was the only way he could stay. 

 "F**k it, I wasn't going to apologise for disbelieving Meghan Markle, because the truth is that I don't believe Meghan Markle," he wrote. 

"And in a free, democratic society, I should be allowed not to believe someone, and to say that I don't believe them." 

The father-of-four also included a message of support from a "devastated" fan he said his son Spencer forwarded him after news of his role coming to an end broke. 

"'Getting loads like this,' said Spencer, forwarding a message that read: 'So gutted your dad's left GMB. I am actually crying. I suffer from depression and your dad makes me laugh every single Mon/Tues/Weds morning... I would honestly go as far as to say he kept me going on days I felt I couldn't. I'm devastated.'" 

Morgan said that during a walk in the park with his son and young daughter Elise last week, he was "approached literally every two minutes, and everyone was on my side", apart from one person. 

"A pinch-faced, Guardian-reader-looking lady who viewed me being mobbed and shouted: 'YOU'RE ALL REVOLTING!'" 

Morgan said that while he was not yet sure what his next move would be, he was "not a victim" and "hadn't been cancelled".