Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: Celebrities react to royal couple's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey

Bombshell revelations laid bare by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have left a bad taste in the mouths of many, the couple revealing candid insight into the workings of the Royal Family in a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

During the controversial broadcast, which premiered in the United States on Sunday (local time), Meghan, 39, revealed that an undisclosed member of the Royal Family had expressed concerns about the skin colour of the couple's son, Archie

Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah Winfrey will air on Tuesday at 7:30pm on Three.

The Duchess of Sussex made a series of stunning accusations against Buckingham Palace, claiming the Royal Family "perpetuated falsehoods" about the couple and refused to provide help when she battled with suicidal thoughts

Prince Harry also confessed his fears that history had been "repeating itself", referencing the treatment of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales, who was subjected to intense public scrutiny as a fixture in the British tabloid press. He also admitted that he is now estranged from his father, Prince Charles, due to the royal's lack of support for the couple.

The highly-anticipated event marked Harry and Meghan's first sit-down interview since stepping back as working royals to pursue financial freedom and independence in America. 

The broadcast has attracted widespread interest, with commentators, experts and viewers taking to social media to dissect the revelations. Celebrities are also chipping in their two cents - many of whom are all too familiar with the struggles of constant scrutiny and a personal life playing out in the public eye. 

Tennis star Serena Williams, a close friend of Markle, praised the Duchess for illustrating "the pain and cruelty" she endured. 

"Meghan Markle, my selfless friend, lives her life - and leads by example - with empathy and compassion. She teaches me every day what it means to be truly noble," Williams tweeted.

In her poignant message, Williams also called on others to condemn "malicious, unfounded gossip and tabloid journalism". 

"I know first hand the sexism and racism institutions and the media use to vilify women and people of color to minimize us, to break us down and demonize us [sic]."

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen talk show host Andy Cohen declared his support for the Sussexes, calling the interview "riveting" but "sad".

"Fully on the Sussex's side here and so happy they made the break [sic]," he shared to Twitter.

Bring It On and 10 Things I Hate About You star Gabrielle Union expressed her support for the Duchess in a series of tweets, also sharing her disgust that Buckingham Palace will "host" the tabloid press for holiday parties - despite their notoriously poor treatment of public figures.

Jada Pinkett Smith quipped that the Queen would be the next guest on her popular web show, Red Table Talk, sharing an image with the monarch Photoshopped between her and her co-host, daughter Willow Smith.

Poet and activist Amanda Gorman, the first person to be named National Youth Poet Laureate, said Markle was the monarchy's "greatest opportunity for change" - but they "missed it".

"Meghan is living the life Diana should have, if only those around her had been as brave as she was. Meghan isn't living a life without pain, but a life without a prison," she tweeted.

British radio presenter, actor and activist Jameela Jamil said the interview turned out to "be quite vague and tame", questioning why the Palace and press were "so obscene" in the lead-up to the broadcast - implying they had something to hide.

Winfrey also garnered praise for her line of questioning, with comedian and actor Billy Eichner tweeting he was "happier" when the talk show host "was on TV every day". 

Award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay commended Winfrey for her "master class" in interviewing, also sharing a clip of Princess Diana from her famous 1995 'royal confessional' with Martin Bashir.

Actor and director David Schneider declared the monarchy is "not fit for purpose" and "should go", referencing Markle's claims of racism within the Palace.

Some also addressed the outspoken commentary of Piers Morgan, a controversial British broadcaster who has actively defended the monarchy while directing a continuous slew of criticism towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After the journalist questioned the authenticity of Markle's mental illness, British singer James McVey slammed Morgan's conduct as "dangerous and damaging", while author Emma Kennedy dubbed him "a bin".