Prince Philip's hospital move has Buckingham Palace 'very concerned' - royal expert

The mood at Buckingham Palace has shifted after Prince Philip was transferred to a second hospital for more treatment and observation, leaving the royal family "very concerned", according to a commentator. 

Sunrise's Royal Editor Robert Jobson reports that the 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh's heart is being monitored while he fights an unconfirmed infection, prompting his longest hospital stay yet. 

"He's not in a great state at the moment, it seems," Jobson said. 

"The longest he's ever been in hospital is for about 11 days or so - that was for a hip operation and he came walking out.

"So this is already two weeks, and extending beyond that to the end of the week."

Jobson said he felt the "tone was definitely different" from people he had spoken to outside of the royal press offices. 

"The mood is very concerned. Obviously, they're hoping to get him out by the end of the week and return to Windsor Castle." 

Before his transfer from King Edward VII's Hospital to St Bartholomew's Hospital, Philip was visited by his son Prince Charles, who was seen looking tearful on leaving. Charles' access to his elderly father despite COVID-19 restrictions that have meant many UK residents have been unable to see their sick loved ones prompted backlash, with accusations the royals were getting special treatment amid the pandemic. 

"Nobody else but Prince Charles has been in to see him," Jobson said. 

"He's someone who likes a minimum of fuss, but this is now getting a little bit concerning."