Video of Dr Ashley Bloomfield singing and dancing uncovered

Earlier this week, Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield was asked if he would ever set up a TikTok account.

The question came amid growing concerns that public health messages were escaping the attention of the younger generation, with suggestions that the Government should look at other ways of communicating the rules to target all demographics. 

Although Dr Bloomfield confirmed that the Ministry of Health was considering TikTok among other forms of social media, he said he would not be featuring in the snappy videos - nor would he be dancing.

"It's the Prime Minister who dances," he quickly replied. 

However, it seems that is not the whole truth.

The AM Show's Aziz Al Sa'afin has uncovered a video of the good doctor not only dancing, but singing too.

Aziz Al Sa'afin wraps up the Best Of The Internet. 

Watch the video above.