Watch: The Wiggles cover Tame Impala's 'Elephant' and remix it with 'Fruit Salad' for Like A Version

The Wiggles have dropped their hot potatoes and picked up some drumsticks and electric guitars to cover Indie rock band Tame Impala's hit song 'Elephant', sending the Internet into a frenzy. 

The iconic children's entertainers lent their musical talents to the psychedelic song for radio station Triple J's 'Like a Version' segment, which sees famous musicians cover the biggest hits of other artists. 

"The Wiggles love animals, so we chose [that song] because we like elephants," Emma Wiggle - real name Emma Watkins - said in a behind-the-scenes interview. 

"It was kind of a tribute to Tame Impala as well who are amazingly successful and brilliant, as it turns out," added Murray Wiggle - real name Murray Cook, one of the founding members of The Wiggles who reunited with the band to perform the cover. 

Emma added that though they hadn't ever met Tame Impala, they had seen them at the Australian Music Awards (ARIAS), and were "very much inspired" by them. 

"When we got into [the song]  we didn't realise how complex it would be," said Emma, who played the drums on the track, despite insisting she didn't come from a music background. 

"We wouldn't normally play songs that are like that." 

Murray said in order to keep the track "Wiggley", the band opted to include part of their hit song 'Fruit Salad', which they seamlessly transitioned to about one minute into 'Elephant'. 

Triple J's video of the cover immediately went viral, with fans of both musical outfits floored by the performance. 

"This is the single greatest thing to happen in Australian history," one YouTube comment read. 


"It's the crossover Australia deserves, and maybe the one it needs right now," offered a third. 

One commenter said the clip had left them "kinda confused, but sorta quietly impressed". 

"It's like I've raided Gran's biscuit tin, just to find out that it's actually hash brownies," they said. 

Emma and Murray agreed the experience had been "really special" and they loved performing the indie hit together. 

"It's great to do something like this song 'Elephant', it just shows another side to us, and another side to the song!" Murray laughed. 

The pair said they hoped multi-instrumentalist Kevin Parker, the man behind Tame Impala's music, liked their version. 

"We tried really hard!" said Emma.