Aussie Gold Hunters coming soon to Discovery

  • 21/04/2021

Aussie Gold Hunters is a show airing on Discovery, where teams battle it out across the country to find the most gold.

The series follows gold miners in various locations of Western Australia and Victoria as they strive to reach their individually set season target (measured in ounces of gold). They use a variety of mining techniques including using metal detectors on surface or excavated soil for gold nuggets; and sluicing, dry blowing or heap leaching for gold particles.

It can be backbreaking work, in extreme weather conditions, with mechanical breakdowns, and cutthroat competition - all for the love of a challenge and a shot at striking it rich.

Brent Shannon and Ethan West are brothers in law. They form part of the Poseidon Crew on the show. They're joined by Ethan's dad Paul, and later in the season, Brent's ambitious 14-year-old son Cayden.

They've so far had the largest find on the show's history - two large nuggets worth AU$350,000 (around $378,000 NZD) - with a combined weight of 3.4kg. They found them in Tarnagulla, Victoria.

The Discovery Channel said collectors could pay up to 30 percent more for the nuggets than their estimated value.

Brent and Ethan spoke to The AM Show

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