BLKCITY - the newest supergroup taking NZ music by storm

They call themselves BLKCITY - a supergroup formed by some of the country's best solo R&B and hip hop artists.

Fresh from a summer festival run, Jess B, Raiza Biza, Mo Muse, Blaze The Emperor and Abdul Kay are back in the studio and describe the project simply as a "whole lot of fun."

"We really you know gelled and found a really dope chemistry in the studio and thought you know what? Let's take this further," member Mo Muse told Newshub. 

The team's already released three singles and have an album on the horizon.

"We're really taking our time to make sure it's something special and impactful," Muse says. 

All of African-descent, BLKCITY want to inspire the next generation to make music.

"It just kind of highlights the fact that there are people like us here who are thriving, like African youth that are chasing their dreams and just showing that it is possible," says rapper Abdul Kay.

It's that attitude that makes the collaboration work.

"With us it's like there's no fear when we're making these records and that immediately alleviates the pressure," Muse says.

The music is striking a chord with fans and is also proving popular with new listeners too, Muse told Newshub.

"There's been great reception from people who don't listen to hip hop. They say there's something here," Muse says.