Britney Spears responds to fans' concerns over wellbeing

Britney Spears discussed three questions in her latest Instagram video.
Britney Spears discussed three questions in her latest Instagram video. Photo credit: Instagram - @britneyspears

Britney Spears has broken her silence over fans' concerns for her wellbeing. 

In a video posted to Instagram Saturday, the singer finally responded to fans asking if she is ok: "I'm here to answer all of your questions," she starts.

Towards the end of the video, she reveals the "next question is, am I ok?" - a question fans have been dying to hear the answer to since the documentary Framing Britney Spears exposed the ins and outs of the conservatorship she is locked into. 

"Yes, I'm totally fine," she responds. 

"I'm extremely happy, I have a beautiful home, beautiful children, um, I'm taking a break right now because, um, I'm enjoying myself."

Concerns over the 39-year-old mother-of-two's wellbeing have escalated since the release of Framing Britney Spears in February. 

The documentary scrutinised the singer's career, mental health and the #FreeBritney movement, which aims to see her freed from a restrictive conservatorship helmed by her father. 

Spears' sometimes erratic social media presence has fuelled rumours, with fans claiming she is secretly sending out SOS messages, exhibiting self-soothing behaviours and reading a script.

She addressed a suspected secret message in Saturday's video: "The second question that you guys have been asking me is basically what does the red refrigerator mean?"

Fans have theorised a picture of a red fridge the singer posted to her Instagram with the caption "RED" could be a secret plea for help.

Spears debunked the rumours, explaining she posted the Fridge simply because it looked "cool". 

"Honestly, I just thought it was cool, I thought it was vintage, it was red, and um, it was just really cool." 

She also responded to fans wondering if she gets dizzy when spinning around for dance videos she posts to social media.

"Yes, I get extremely dizzy," she says before going on to explain a dance technique that helps her out. 

Last month, she used a dance video posted to Instagram to respond to Framing Britney Spears

"My life has always been very speculated, watched, and judged really my whole life!" Spears captioned the video of her dancing to Aerosmith's song 'Crazy'.

"I have been exposed my whole life performing in front of people! It takes a lot of strength to TRUST the universe with your real vulnerability cause I've always been so judged, insulted and embarrassed by the media... and I still am 'til this day!" she continued, along with several thumbs down emojis.

"I didn't watch the documentary but from what I did see of it, I was embarrassed by the light they put me in. I cried for two weeks and well... I still cry sometimes!" 

It's the first time the singer has addressed the fervour around the New York Times investigation, which featured interviews with members of the Grammy Winner's inner circle, including her former assistant Felicia Culotta.