COVID-19: World reacts to Six60 at Eden Park - one of the largest concerts since the pandemic began

50,000 people flocked to the sold out concert in Eden Park.
50,000 people flocked to the sold out concert in Eden Park. Photo credit: Supplied / Instagram @parkerlyons @lucy_kay1

Six60 have made history performing their first-ever concert at Auckland's Eden Park on Saturday.

Correction, New Zealand has made history.

The band's tour finale on Saturday has been deemed the largest concert in the world since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

"We did it, New Zealand," Six60 lead singer Matiu Walters told his fans on Saturday. "We are the first band to play in Eden Park."

The concert was screened via 19 broadcasters in Pacific Island countries, as well as the Veeps online live music site.

"Next time they tell you it's impossible. Show them this. Thank you, Auckland," the band posted on Facebook.

Here's how the world reacted.

'A glimpse of normalcy'

US-based The Associated Press has praised New Zealand's freedom after stamping out the virus.

"While much of the world remains hunkered down, the band Six60 has been playing to huge crowds in New Zealand," the outlet wrote.

"Social distancing isn't required after the nation stamped out coronavirus."

'Stand tall New Zealand - we've earned this!'

"New Zealand had a whole ass MASSIVE concert at Eden Park. I just - WHEN IS IT OUR TURN," one Twitter user wrote.

"New Zealand got to have this concert yesterday because they behaved like adults and locked down for a few weeks. But all you anti-maskers keep enjoying your 'freedom,'" another said.

"Rest of world: lockdown. New Zealand: 50,000 concert."

"The Six60 concert tonight at Eden Park is a first in many ways. There will be multitudes around the world green with envy as live performances of this magnitude are but a distant memory. Stand tall New Zealand - we've earned this!"