Ellen DeGeneres drank three weed drinks before rushing wife Portia de Rossi to hospital

Ellen DeGeneres has recounted the night she had to rush her wife Portia de Rossi to hospital after consuming three "weed drinks" and taking two "melatonin sleep spills". 

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the Ellen Show host recalled trying a new beverage called Cann that contains THC and CBD, recommended to her by fellow comedian Chelsea Handler.

The same night, de Rossi had gone to bed early due to feeling unwell. 

"I'm laying in bed and I realise she's not in bed. I said, 'Are you OK? Baby, are you OK?'" DeGeneres said. 

"She's moaning. I get out of bed and she's on the ground on all fours." 

"I go, 'You're not OK.' She goes, 'I'm OK.' I said, 'No, unless you're playing Twister by yourself, you're not OK - so I rushed her to the emergency room," the comedian explained to Kimmel. 

Asked if she drove her wife to the hospital herself, Degeneres said: "I did. It kicked in - my adrenaline, because I had to rush her there."

"So it's probably not safe. I shouldn't be saying any of this."

De Rossi ended up needing an emergency appendectomy, and when she felt she hadn't received enough pain medication, used tickets to The Ellen Show as a bargaining chip.

"She was begging for more pain pills because she was still in pain and the nurse was not giving them to her," DeGeneres said. 

"So she starts offering up tickets to my show. She's like bargaining, 'What about the Christmas 12 Days show?'"