Football meets music: Wellington football club releases its first album with a South American twist

Football fans worldwide are famous for chanting and singing for their beloved teams and one Wellington club is kicking the ball and putting on a show too.

Cumbia Blazera is the musical wing of the capital's Sunday Blazers Football club and it has put out its first album called Don't Argue with the Ref.

Right back Cristian Leaman says the group formed seven years ago and is made up of at least 11 players who are also keen musicians.

"Cumbia is from South America and became easy to play for us," Leaman told Newshub.

"That’s why we’re playing music and supporting the team."

The band has toured Colombia and made several trips around New Zealand before releasing the album.

"We realised how popular that kind of music is in Latin America. It’s our way of showing New Zealand into the Colombian people. It was very inspiring for some people in the band to write songs." Leaman said.

The album is mostly made up of original songs sung in Spanish and English and is the culmination of years of gigs and football.

It also pays tribute to the team's favourite referee, Pedro Molina, who has the song Pedro on repeat in his car.

"I’m honoured, something that I never expected," Molina says.

The song paints a picture of the sometimes strained relationship between players and a referee.

"There are arguments but they are never disrespectful. That’s the reason why I get on so well with them and would do anything to help them out, on the pitch and off it," Molina said.

The players agree.

"He calls it as he sees it. Hard but fair. We’ve got a couple of guys who have been on the receiving end of some of his cards over the seasons," Axel Tie said.

Let's hope the next time these musicians swap their instruments for football boots they don't argue with the ref.