Grimes' shocking 'alien scars' white ink tattoo has fans comparing it to 'toddler scribbles'

Grimes' shocking 'alien scars' white ink tattoo has fans comparing it to 'toddler scribbles'
Photo credit: Instagram/Grimes

Grimes has left fans gobsmacked with her latest tattoo - a full back piece designed to look like "beautiful alien scars", but to many onlookers resembling "drunk toddler scribbles". 

The Canadian musician shared a photo of her latest bit of body art on Instagram, explaining that the white ink tattoo would be "red for a few weeks" and "hurt too much" for her to get a good picture. 

"[It's] gonna be beautiful alien scars," she said of the intricate design. 

While many of the 'Genesis' singer's admirers dubbed the tattoo "unreal", "beautiful" and "gorgeous", not everyone was quite as impressed with the unique piece. 

"Girl what the hell is this?" one commenter asked, while many other comments compared the design to "scribbles" or "doodles". 

"It looks like a toddler drew on your back with red crayon," one comment read. 

"Looks like someone drunk scribbled on your back blindfolded with a soldering iron," said another. 

One person even suggested Grimes' back now looked like a wall after spaghetti had been thrown at it to check if it was cooked. 

Meanwhile, some observers didn't see the funny side, suggesting the tattoo could be upsetting for people who have experienced violence. 

 "Yikes. This looks like whip marks," one person wrote.  

"This isn’t dope. This can be triggering for some people," said another. 

Grimes' other tattoos include Elvish writing on her fingers and an alien head on the side of her hand. In a 2016 interview with Teen Vogue, she said: "I never decide until, like, 10 minutes before I'm getting a tattoo what it's going to be."