MAFS AU bride Booka Nile announces her 'marriage is ruined' after groom Brett Helling breaks down in tears at explosive dinner party

Another Married at First Sight Australia couple appear to be done and dusted after bride Booka Nile shocked the experiment's other participants by announcing her "marriage is ruined" at a dinner party. 

Nile's television husband Brett Helling broke down in tears while being grilled about his feelings for her after a letter from a fellow contestant revealed Helling thought his 'wife' was self-absorbed and he felt underappreciated. 

"He doesn't like much about me to be honest," Nile said of her husband. 

"How could you like the person [you wrote about in the letter]?" she asked. "Because that person was disgusting, and that's who you communicated me to be." 

"Enough Booka, please stop," an emotional Helling told his partner, before burying his head in his hands and breaking down in tears. 

"It's okay Brett we'll stop, we'll stop, I'm sorry," Nile backtracked, visibly shocked at her husband's display of emotion. 

Still, when pressed by another contestant who asked if the couple were "good", Nile didn't hesitate to fire back with a shocking reply. 

"My marriage is ruined, so..." she said. 

"When you find out your husband has been making you out to be horrible self absorbed person... no." 

Meanwhile, a withdrawn Helling chimed in: "I don't even want to do this any more." 

"I know you don't Brett, I know you don't," Nile replied. 

"Ultimately it comes down to this - the theme of the letter was true, I do feel underappreciated, I do feel undervalued, I do feel like I've tried a lot of things. 

"At the end of the day, she still won't acknowledge how I feel. I want a partner who is going to try and make me feel better." 

Nile went on to apologise to her husband, only to blow up again seconds later when it became clear he was not going to take accountability for hurting her feelings by "talking shit" about her to other contestants. 

"I'm done. I'm just done," Nile eventually said. 

"Same," replied Helling, seemingly driving the final nail into the relationship's coffin. 

"We're both exhausted, nothing works, we've both tried, and it just goes nowhere," Helling said. 

Helling and Nile will get the chance formally decide their fate by writing 'stay' or 'leave' at the upcoming commitment ceremony. 

Married At First Sight Australia airs on Three Sundays at 7pm and Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm, and is also able to be streamed via ThreeNow