MAFS AU: Bryce Ruthven claims he called the police on producers for not allowing him and Melissa Rawson to leave

Controversial Married at First Sight Australia groom Bryce Ruthven says he called the police on the production, claiming he and wife Melissa Rawson were "held against their will" when they wanted to leave. 

But the companies that produce and broadcast the show say it's not true.

Ruthven spoke to The Edge's breakfast show with Meg Mansell, Dom Harvey and Clinton Randell, where he was grilled about his infamous "gaslighting" behaviour on the show by another Edge employee, Caitlin Coffey. 

"She can't stand you," Harvey told Ruthven of Coffey. 

While Ruthven did admit some of the things he said had actually "come out of his mouth", he insisted that he had been targeted and manipulated by producers - information he said he had "confirmed" to him from a "mole within production". 

"The way that they go about [getting soundbites] - they ask you the same question, but they ask you in about five or six different ways to get different answers out of you," he said. 

Most shockingly, Ruthven revealed he had called the police on the show near the end of filming. 

"I actually ended up calling the police on the production itself towards the end to get us out of there," he said. 

"Because the way I saw it, they were holding us against our will. Melissa and I requested on numerous occasions to remove ourselves from the show and they wouldn't allow it.

"In any other walk of life, you resign or leave a job, you're allowed to - within a couple of weeks - but not on Married At First Sight, you can't." 

A spokesperson for Australia's Channel 9 and Endemol Shine Australia told Newshub that Ruthven's claims are "categorically not true".

Ruthven also accused the MAFS producers of being "rude" to his mother when she appeared on the show, which prompted him to fire back. 

"My mum actually had a go at the producers - God love her - and the producers turned around and were like 'shut up, we're doing it this way' and were quite rude to her," he said. 

"That was the point in the experiment that I kind of turned on the production, and was like, 'You know what? Don't treat my family like a piece of shit, if you're going to do that, I'll treat you like a piece of shit as well.'" 

Ruthven said he and Rawson, who are "happy, living together and have plans for the future" no longer speak to anyone from the production as they "have no interest in it". 

Ruthven said they declined to work with the show's wellness manager due to the fact that they "didn't have a great relationship with her", but they have been "looked after" by other mental health professionals provided by the show.