MAFS AU: Bryce Ruthven throws tantrum after wife Melissa Rawson confronts him about secret girlfriend

Married at First Sight Australia groom Bryce Ruthven stormed out on his wife Melissa Rawson and threatened to leave the experiment after she confronted him with the name of his alleged secret girlfriend. 

The previous night saw fellow contestant Samantha Harvey seemingly confirm rumours of Bryce's infidelity by claiming she had spoken to his best friend, who showed her text messages from a woman waiting for him on the outside. 

The next morning, a sleep-deprived Melissa spoke to her television husband, asking him "Who is [name redacted?]", referring to the other woman. 

"A friend of a friend of mine," Bryce replied.  

"[Name redacted] is the girl who's waiting for you outside of the experiment," Melissa pressed. 

"She was the girl [I was with] before the experiment," Bryce said, adding that it was "news to him" that the woman was still waiting for him. 

A furious Bryce then got up and said he was going to leave the experiment, telling his wife, "I'm going to go home, because I'm sick of this". 

"It's not you, you can sort your shit out, but I'm going to go." 

While Melissa begged her husband "please don't", it didn't stop him from making a hasty exit out of their apartment, telling her: "I'm f**king sick of this".

Later Bryce returned to the apartment and burst into tears, a display of emotion that Melissa took as a sign of "how much the relationship means to him". 

"Do I believe Samantha, or do I believe the person I'm married to?" she told producers. 

The couple were noticeably absent from the group dinner party that night. 

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