MAFS AU: Melissa Rawson in tears over fellow bride's evidence of husband Bryce Ruthven's infidelity

Married at First Sight Australia bride Melissa Rawson wept when a fellow contestant informed her rumours of her husband Bryce Ruthven's infidelity were true - and had evidence to prove it. 

A ladies night saw the return of participant Samantha Harvey, who left the experiment after a tumultuous few weeks with television husband Cameron Dunne. 

Since she had been back in the real world, Samantha bumped into a friend of Bryce's named Jason who told her that Bryce had been messaging another girl in Canberra who was waiting for him on the outside. 

Melissa met Jason and Bryce's other friends during a visit to Canberra the week earlier, where she confronted them about rumours of Bryce's secret girlfriend but didn't get a concrete answer. 

She had just told the group she was taking Bryce's repeated reassurance "at face value" and believed him when he said he had been honest with her. 

Samantha, who missed many of the group arguments that broke out over Bryce's denial of a relationship on the outside, then chimed in with her information. 

"Liss, I don't know if you know about a girl back in Canberra that Bryce has been talking to and messaging, but he has been messaging her quite frequently," Samantha said. 

"He tried to get time off to see her, and he said that he has to do this show for his exposure and career in radio," she continued, while the rest of the women watched in shock. 

"She's waiting for him to come off the show, still. This is only a week-and-a-half ago, and I heard this from one of Bryce's very good friends, Jason."

"He had all the messages and everything. I even know her name," she said.

This new wave of evidence from Samantha left Melissa heartbroken and no longer able to ignore the rumours about her husband. 

"This hurts so much, and I am the biggest fool," she told producers while still reeling from Samantha's insights. 

"I'm very upset that it's come to this because I..." she continued, before breaking down in tears. 

"I won't do it anymore," she finished, eventually, having taken a moment to compose herself. 

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