Man sent to jail for stalking Kylie Jenner arrested again for skinny dipping in sister Kendall's pool - report

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner
Shaquan King has been arrested three times this week for incidents involving the reality TV star siblings. Photo credit: Getty

A Los Angeles man sent to jail for stalking Kylie Jenner has been arrested again for allegedly breaking into sister Kendall's property and skinny dipping in her pool, according to a report.

TMZ reports 27-year-old Shaquan King has been arrested for the third time this week after a series of incidents involving the reality TV star siblings.

In legal documents obtained by the celebrity news outlet, Kendall alleges King made it onto her property early last Sunday morning, took off his clothes, banged on the windows and then made his way into her pool before a security guard detained him.

He was sent to prison for misdemeanor trespassing but released on bail just six hours later, TMZ says - at which point he made his way into Kylie's gated community and tried to enter her property.

Again he was caught and arrested - this time on charges of felony stalking - and was sent back to prison. It's understood the District Attorney sent this case back for more investigation, meaning King could be released.

However the Los Angeles Police Department was waiting for him and instantly arrested him again on two charges of trespassing and one of disorderly conduct, relating to the incident at Kendall's house.

Following the arrests, both Kylie and Kendall Jenner were successful in getting a temporary restraining order against King.

According to TMZ, Kendall has been left so spooked by this experience - and another in which a man allegedly attempted to kill her - that she's now moved out of her Beverly Hills home to a safe location with armed security guards.

TMZ reports the alleged threats are "causing her severe emotional distress and anxiety".