Piers Morgan claims members of the Royal Family thanked him for 'standing up for them' against Meghan Markle

Piers Morgan insists he has been thanked by members of the Royal Family for his controversial comments on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Speaking to Extra, the former Good Morning Britain host said he had "some messages communicated to him on behalf of several members of the Royal Family" in the wake of his attack on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

"I'm not going to go into who it was... but what I would say is [it was] gratitude that somebody was standing up for them."

In several rants on Good Morning Britain and in columns for the Daily Mail, Morgan called Meghan and Harry "sickening, shameful and self-pitying", dubbing Meghan "contemptible" and a liar. 

The broadcaster repeatedly said he didn't believe the Duchess' claims that she had been refused help when feeling suicidal and that there had been racist concerns raised about the colour of her baby's skin in the lead up to his birth. 

Royal commentator Omid Scobie tweeted that Buckingham Palace "would not be commenting" on Morgan's claim. 

Morgan's rant on Good Morning Britain the day after the interview prompted a record-breaking 57,000 complaints to broadcast regulator Ofcom, one of which was made by Meghan herself. That same week it was announced Morgan would be leaving his role on the show, a decision he later claimed was due to his refusal to apologise for his remarks. 

In another recent interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX Nation, Morgan claimed that 17 of the claims made by Meghan and Harry in the bombshell interview had been "proven to be either completely untrue, or massively exaggerated, or unprovable". 

"I don't understand why I should have to believe people who are not telling the truth," he said.