Prince Charles and Camilla's alleged 'Aussie son' shares new photographic 'proof' he is their child

An Australian grandfather claiming to be the forgotten love child of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles has shared what he believes is more evidence for his case. 

Simon Dorante-Day, 55, has long battled to prove that the royals are his biological parents, even taking his claims to the Australian High Court. 

Dorante-Day was born in the UK and later adopted by a Portsmouth family who reportedly had ties to the Royal Family. He runs a Facebook page that has attracted almost 8000 followers, in which he posts photographs that allegedly show a resemblance between him and various members of the Royal Family. 

Amid posts mourning the death of Prince Philip, whom Dorante-Day believes to be his grandfather, a recent upload compares a supposed resemblance between one of Dorante-Day's sons Liam and Queen Elizabeth II. 

"Now I'm going from seeing young [Prince] Charles in Liam to her Maj (Queen Elizabeth)," he wrote on Facebook. 

After hearing news of Prince Philip's death, Dorante-Day wrote that he was "mourning a lost opportunity", but that his 'grandad's' DNA would "live on" in him and his children. 

"His fingerprints are all over my life and whilst some of that might appear to be harsh or hard it made me the man I am," he wrote. 

Speaking to 7 News, Dorante-Day said that his grandmother, who he claims used to work for the Queen, "told him outright many times he was Camilla and Charles' son". 

Of the latest comparison between his son and the Queen, which was sent to him by a supporter, Dorante-Day said he and his wife were "blown away". 

"Elvie and I feel like we see many members of the Royal Family in our children, but this one was an eye opener," he added.

"One of my supporters did the comparison and sent it to me and I was speechless. A lot of people are reacting to it because it's hard to deny the similarity." 

Supporters of Dorante-Day's cause also saw the resemblance, commenting that it was "astounding" and insisting there were "too many similarities... for it to be a mere coincidence or conspiracy theory".

Dorante-Day claims Camilla Parker-Bowles is his real mother, and kept him until the age of eight months old, using the royals and various protection offers to keep him a secret. When he was getting too old to hide, Dorante-Day claims it was arranged that one of the Queen's former staffers would have her daughter adopt him. 

"We owe it to our children for them to have answers," Dorante-Day told 7 News. 

"We have some exciting new legal paths that we're looking at to uncover the truth. At the end of the day, I'm just a man who's looking for his biological parents - and every road takes me to Charles and Camilla."