UK film The Father opens in NZ cinemas this weekend

British film The Father has opened in New Zealand cinemas in time for the long weekend. 

It features Sir Anthony Hopkins opposite Olivia Coleman who are both in the running for yet another Oscar later this month.

After winning an Oscar for her performance in The Favourite, Olivia Coleman, the actress who plays the Queen on The Crown, could find herself back up there again this year for her lead role in The Father.

Coleman plays Anne, the daughter of Anthony, a man suffering from dementia and railing against all those he loves around him.

Mischievous one moment, cantankerous and cruel the next, we see so much of who Anthony was and in moments still is, as his grip on his reality becomes increasingly difficult to navigate, with Anne forever in his cross-hairs.

Unflinching, confronting, infused with so much love their relationship is key to this story and Coleman never once falters.

You'd think after winning an Oscar, multiple BAFTAs, Golden Globes and a SAG starring opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins would be no big deal. But it was indeed a very big deal for Coleman. 

She says she "adored" him when she was younger and used to watch "every interview" of his.

"When I found out I was going to play his daughter and we would have scenes together, that I would play opposite Anthony Hopkins; Woah that was something.

"And to turn up and find he was everything I had hoped he would be, and also 10 times better, and so generous and so kind and so funny and does the best impressions I've ever heard... really? like what??"

The downtime between scenes with Hopkins was just as special for Coleman.

"We would sit just off set while they were re-doing something, moving the camera, and he would go, 'aren't we lucky - isn't life beautiful?'

"I lived the dream. He's just lovely and funny and naughty and twinkly."

All of those things and more, now New Zealand audiences can enjoy both these fine actors in all their Oscar-nominated glory.