Lily James' uncanny transformation into Pamela Anderson for Pam & Tommy shocks fans

New photos of Lily James playing Baywatch-era Pamela Anderson for a new television show have gone viral after fans were shocked by the uncanny resemblance between the two. 

James has taken on the role of the iconic actress and model for Hulu's upcoming series Pam & Tommy alongside Sebastian Stan in the role of Tommy Lee. 

The series follows the true story of the '90s power couple and their infamous sex tape, dubbed the first ever viral video in history. 

Earlier this month, James gave the public a first look at her Anderson impersonation in an Instagram post promoting the show, but fans have been holding out to see the Cinderella star rock the iconic red Baywatch bathing suit. 

"I still can't find Lily James, my head exploded," one Twitter user responded to the on set photos. 

"The hair and makeup artists deserve a raise!" wrote another. 

"Every photo of Lily James as Pam Anderson that comes out makes me feel like I'm losing my grip on reality just a little bit more," offered a third. 

Another said the transformation had "broken their brain". 

Pam & Tommy also stars Seth Rogen, Nick Offerman and Taylor Schilling. Rogen shaved off his trademark beard to play the role of Rand Gauthier, the man who sold Anderson and Lee's sex tape, while Stan has been adorned in the Mötley Crüe rock star's many tattoos.