'Manipulative narcissist': Kiwi MAFS AU viewer rips into Bryce Ruthven live on The Edge

Controversial Married At First Sight Australia groom Bryce Ruthven faced the wrath of an angry New Zealand viewer who called him a "manipulative narcissist" live on The Edge's breakfast show on Tuesday morning. 

Ruthven appeared on the radio station last week where he said he called police on the production after he and his television wife Melissa Rawson were allegedly "held against their will" on the show - a claim representatives for the show called "categorically untrue". 

This time, Ruthven was asked questions by Kiwi listeners and fans of the show, some of whom had a bone to pick with his behaviour and treatment of Rawson during the experiment. 

"I just wanted to know if you were ever going to get therapy, or let Melissa go, for being a manipulative narcissist, especially on the show?" an Edge listener named Georgie demanded

"What was bad about me?" Ruthven replied. 

"The way that you acted, your actions towards the group and the way you held yourself. You could have been a lot more mature. Especially on the couch with Melissa, you just seemed very aggressive and controlling," Georgie explained. 

"Nah, not at all," Ruthven shot back. "I think you've seen an edited TV show. If standing up for your wife being bullied [makes you a narcissist] then hey, I'm a narcissist. I'm happy to stand up for my wife." 

Edge host Meg Mansell told Ruthven it had been a "hard decision" to get him back on the breakfast show following a huge amount of negative feedback following his last appearance. 

"People did not want to hear you, or your voice, your name on our show at all, so we are possibly losing listeners for getting you back here," she said. 

"I've heard that here in Australia here too and the ratings go up when I've been on, so I'm not sure," Ruthven replied.