Mark Richardson's light-hearted jab at Mike Hosking over sports cars

Mark Richardson took a jab at fellow broadcaster Mike Hosking on The Project on Tuesday. 

The light-hearted remarks were made during a discussion about whether the AM Show sports reader would ever drive a sports car. 

It started with co-presenter Jesse Mulligan telling Richardson he could imagine him driving a "flash Italian" sports car. 

"Is that the sort of mid-life crisis you're going to go for?" Mulligan asked. 

Richardson replied, "God, I've been through my crisis already, I'm out on the other side."

"You read me wrong. I can't see the point in them. What's the point of having a souped-up vehicle in a city? What? To just get off at the lights and drive into the car in front. You know you can't really use them properly can you."

"You are too tight with your money as well," co-presenter Jeremy Corbett added. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's probably more accurate," Richardson replied. 

"Are you starting beef with Mike Hosking now?," fellow presenter Kanoa Lloyd asked Richardson. 

"I know Mike Hosking has one [sports car] but I mean to me, you know I see someone in a sports car like that and I think strip club owner."

In March, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern denied Mark Richardson's request to become the minister of giving "the bird" to people who get easily offended.

Watch the full video above.