New Zealand Today: Guy Williams' boy racer debut in Christchurch ends with police impounding his car

Comedian Guy Williams has infiltrated the "surprisingly wholesome" Christchurch boy racer community - but his debut ended in disappointment after the souped-up Mazda Demio he arrived in was impounded by police.

The incident - documented in the latest episode of Three's New Zealand Today, which aired on Thursday at 9:30pm - unfolded at a meet-up in the Burger King carpark on Moorhouse Ave, in the CBD.

Williams had been invited to the event after meeting car trader Paul Höper at his makeshift car yard, and used the opportunity to investigate what keeps Christchurch's notorious boy racers coming back in the face of police action and anger from the wider public.

The answer proved to be rather simple: skids.

During his investigation, Williams meets the group's unofficial leader Skeletor, who doesn't even own a car; is shown the infamous piece of machinery known as 'God's motor'; and learns the true meaning of 'taking a trip to Mexico'.

But just as he was about to be invited to 'Mexico' - a roundabout the group does burnouts round in the middle of nowhere - Williams' boy racer dream crashed back down to earth.

The police arrived and impounded the Demio he'd been lent by Höper, ending his night.

The next day, some of the boy racers treated Williams to another burnout, though it later emerged the racket had woken an irate neighbour's terminally ill wife.

That prompted Williams, who referred to the criticism as "one of the lowest points in my 10-year television career", to try and convince the boy racer community to stop their illegal motoring and respect the road rules.

Noting that Skeletor had identified late Fast and Furious movie star Paul Walker as a hero, he used the actor's death at the wheel as inspiration for a shock tactic involving him faking his death.

Needless to say, the tactic had limited success.

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