Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reveals she 'has an idea' for her wedding dress

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed she has a vision for her wedding dress, but is stuck on the guest list for her upcoming marriage to Clarke Gayford. 

Speaking to ZM's Fletch, Vaughan and Megan on Wednesday morning, Ardern admitted she had "accidentally" let slip tidbits about her wedding

"Sometimes I've talked about things I thought I've already told people... Clarke has reminded me I have not, with a little passive aggression, so I'm going to be really careful on that front," the Prime Minister said. 

While the wedding date remained a secret, Ardern admitted she had been thinking about her dress, but "hadn't got it yet". 

"I have an idea in my head... I probably need to do something about that," she said. 

In another interview with Jono and Ben on The Hits, Ardern said deciding which members of parliament to invite to the wedding was a "real-life dilemma". 

"I have a lot of colleagues," she said. 

In March, Ardern told The AM Show her and Gayford's wedding plans "weren't going well" due to her busy schedule, adding: "I've spent more time on housing plans than wedding plans." 

"We will get there," she said. 

"A lot has been going on. It's fair to say the pandemic really got in the way of not just our plans, but a lot of people's plans." 

Earlier this month, Ardern revealed the wedding would take place in Gisborne.

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