Review: Cruella is helter-skelter riotous romp of an origins story

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are together and in fine form on the big screen this weekend as Disney's live-action Cruella arrives in cinemas across the country.

Cruella de Vil wears Prada? A little more Alexander McQueen or Westwood but ooooh yes please.

The beloved story of Cruella de Vil and those 101 Dalmatians has never been so well-dressed, as we find out how a rebellious young Cruella - nee Estella - becomes the Queen of 70s Londontown 

An accomplished thief with her loyal hilarious thieving sidekicks and their equally accomplished and loyal canines, Estella's gift as a fashion designer soon lands her a real job in the legendary house of The Baroness, London's greatest designer.

But The Baroness is in desperate need of hauling before HR as the true villain of the piece status becomes quite the showdown.

To the tune of a killer soundtrack and with a costume, make-up and art departments who smash it out of the park Cruella sees two of the very best Emmas playing off against each other is a helter-skelter riotous romp of an origins story we didn't think we needed but now could not live without. Just take my money already.

Five stars