Review: Those Who Wish Me Dead left me cold

Angelina Jolie is back on the big screen as the headline act in an R-rated thriller called Those Who Wish Me Dead.

It's directed by the same man behind hit film Sicario. But is it as good?

I so badly wanted to love this film.

I'm a big fan of Jolie on the big screen and an even bigger fan of filmmaker Taylor Sheridan.

Throw in Brits Nicholas Hoult and Game of Thrones baddie Littlefinger, and Those Who Wish Me Dead has all the hallmarks of a classic.

Except it isn't.

Jolie is Hannah, a hard-core Montana firefighter suffering PTSD after a huge forest fire got the better of her.

We know she's hard-core because she wears aviators, cusses a lot and drinks beer straight from the bottle.

She can take care of herself but the test will be when two bad men come to town with some killing on their itinerary. Can she take care of the boy they're chasing?

Aussie actor Finn Little ups his game and delivers the goods as the traumatised and terrified Connor as he puts his fate in Hannah's axe-wielding hands; it will only take a few sparks to set this whole forest on fire.

With Sicario and Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan on writing and directing duties, here my hopes were high for this R-rated actioner but despite some great big screen moments, the incohesive and nonsensical narrative left me cold. 

Two-and-a-half stars.