Rove, bloopers, Jesse's path to hotness: The Project looks back at 1000 episodes

The Project celebrated its 100th episode on Tuesday with some entertaining and embarrassing moments.

Hosts Jesse Mulligan, Kanoa Lloyd and Jeremy Corbett and guest panellist comedian Rove McManus looked back at the best bits… and the worst.

"It was a good show, I was here for the first show, I thought everyone did very very well," said McManus, who appeared on The Project's first-ever show.

"There were a lot of important stories, one of my favourite moments from the night was a great story about New Zealand's problems with meth.

"But the story… the story was so good, that it was repeated later in the night by accident."

Host Jeremy Corbett also took the opportunity to recognise another "disturbing moment".

"Playing the same story twice... I remember seeing that and you did handle it great," Corbett said.

"But this is the thing I don't remember, this is really disturbing, what's going on with your face?" asked, in reference to Mulligan's facial hair at the time.

"Well, mum told me I looked handsome with stubble and I thought 'I'm just going to try it out for a little bit'," Mulligan responded. 

"And the audience's feedback was I should no longer have the stubble, so now you've got clean-cut Jesse back again."

Later on in the show, Mulligan took the opportunity to acknowledge his co-host.

"Kanoa Lloyd here - my co-host - for almost all of those episodes we've done them together," he started.

"What I like about her, she's fearless.. even when doing things she maybe should be a little scared of… Like singing - she can't sing.

"On the one-thousandth show, we should honour the time she tried… really hard. She sang the song 'Frozen', live, in the studio."

Then it was Kanoa's turn to recognise one of her most memorable moments with host Jeremy Corbett.

"Now it's time I get to share one of my favourite memories from the last 1000 episodes," she said.

"I'm always impressed with you Jeremy because you are reliably funny every single night, but the time I was most impressed was when you jumped right out of your comfort zone to do standup comedy in Te Reo Māori."

Watch the best moments.