Royal family 'distressed and angry' after Prince Harry's 'zoo' comments on Dax Shepard podcast

The Royal Family is allegedly "distressed and angry" following Prince Harry's "hurtful" comments about royal life, in which he compared his role in the monarchy to "living in a zoo".

Royal expert Katie Nicholl spoke to ET about the fallout from Harry's appearance on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, in which he revealed he'd been wanting to leave the royal family since his early 20s.

"Look what it did to my mum," he said, along with expressing his desire to "break the cycle of genetic pain and suffering" within his family. 

"I think the problem with the podcast and the things Harry has said - particularly about the institution, feeling like he was in The Truman Show, feeling like he was in a zoo - it has echoes of what he said on Oprah, that he, and his brother, and his father feel trapped by the institution," Nicholl said. 

"It may be how Harry feels, but I don't think it's how William and Charles feel."

"When Prince Charles was asked if he was aware of his son's podcast today on an engagement, he pointedly refused to answer," she added. 

"I think there is that sense again that he feels he's been let down by his father in this interview. That's going to be incredibly hurtful for the Prince of Wales." 

In the bombshell interview he and Meghan Markle gave to Oprah Winfrey, Harry alleged that his brother was "trapped" within the institution, and said he felt "let down" by his dad, who he revealed "stopped taking his calls" at one point. 

Nicholl said Harry's recent comments would continue to hurt the Queen and Charles, "who are very private when it comes to their personal emotions". 

"This idea of Harry venting, airing publicly his private grievances is going to be problematic."

Nicholl added that every time Harry spoke out about personal family relationships, he would be deepening the rift between him and his brother. 

"I think there is a desire on the part of both of the brothers to move on, to try and heal this relationship. The problem is, when Harry sits down and gives a really personal interview like this... it really does set back that healing process," she said.