Prince Charles, Camilla's alleged 'secret son's' latest claim involves an English manor

The Australian man who claims he is the secret love child of Prince Charles and Camilla has revealed the location where he says he was taken to meet the Duchess of Cornwall as a youngster. 

Queensland's Simon Dorante-Day, 55, has made a number of outlandish claims recently as continues his long battle to try and prove he is the son of the future King and was adopted out as a baby. His crusade went viral recently in the wake of Prince Philip's death when he posted images trying to show a resemblance between his son and Queen Elizabeth II. 

The engineer's latest claim, shared to 7News, is that he was taken to meet Camilla, his supposed biological mother, at Broadlands House, a country house owned by Prince Philip's Mountbatten family. It is open to the public for guided tours on some weekday afternoons.

"I remember going to this house on top of the hill, and I was taken to the front door and my adoptive mother knocked on the front door - she never went in, I just went in," Dorante-Day said.

He claims to remember sitting at a table playing with toys at the age of four or five and a woman being there who he says was Camilla. 

"I have clear memories of being taken - and being left by my adoptive parents - to this residence in Hampshire," he said. "I have very clear memories of both the inside of the house and the grounds."

There are a number of photos available online showing members of the royal family, including Princess Diana and the Queen, at the manor. In 1947, Elizabeth and her new husband spent their honeymoon at Broadlands as did Charles and Diana in 1981. 

Princess Diana at Broadlands in 1981.
Princess Diana at Broadlands in 1981. Photo credit: Getty.
The Queen and Prince Philip at Broadlands to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 2007.
The Queen and Prince Philip at Broadlands to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 2007. Photo credit: Getty.

Dorante-Day's main alleged connection to the royal family is through his adopted grandparents who worked from the Queen and Prince Philip within one of their royal households. He says his grandmother told him numerous times that he was the son of Charles and Camilla and was adopted out at eight months old. 

The man this week also claimed the Royal Family had his teeth and eyes altered to conceal his true identity. Royal biographer Robert Jobson called that allegation "a bit of a stretch" and that it sounded more like a "James Bond movie than the truth".