The AM Show derailed by Amanda Gillies' hysterical reaction to first coffee in 25 years

The AM Show's Amanda Gillies' intense and hilarious reaction to her first coffee in 25 years had her co-hosts Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson cracking up during Tuesday morning's show. 

Garner and Richardson marvelled at the effect a hit of caffeine had on their colleague, who found herself tapping on the desk and rearranging her belongings. 

"The jitters seem to be going right around my heart, and the flushing in my cheeks - I can't seem to control that, and I'm a little worried about it," Gillies laughed. 

"She's rearranged her notepad and pen about ten times, and the mouse about 20 times," Richardson said. 

"This is as close as it gets to me being on drugs, one good coffee... I'm as high as a kite!" 

The hosts then ordered the camera to zoom in slowly on Gillies face, so as to study her response more closely. 

"This, kids, is why you should not take drugs," Richarson remarked.  

"Oh my goodness me, I've just looked at you on the screen there, this really is doing something to you. I'm calling the cops," Garner joked. 

The Ministry of Health advises New Zealanders that drinking coffee is "OK", but people shouldn't drink more than seven cups of instant coffee or three single shot espresso-type coffees per day.

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