The Masked Singer NZ: Matilda Green recalls 'terrifying' moment she took her mask off

Another masked singer has been unmasked, and it could be fair to say no one saw this one coming. 

The Bachelor winner Matilda Green wowed the judges with her impressive singing voice before she was revealed as Jellyfish.

The reality TV star and Instagram influencer said as much as she "loved to sing", she found it terrifying when she had to take her mask off.

"It was terrifying," she told The Project on Monday.

"Well it was fine with the mask on because I felt like I had the anonymity thing and you could just be whoever you want to be.

"But as soon as I took the mask off I just felt very exposed and then I had to perform without the mask and I felt like I was really aware of my limbs, what my arms were doing, my legs…"

Green shocked the panel with her impressive singing voice, with comedian James Roque saying he thought she was a professional.

"You have to drop an album tomorrow!" he insisted.

"You've really got the pipes, congratulations. I really thought you were a professional singer."

Green said she was overwhelmed by all the good feedback, especially from Ladi6 - a professional.

"I am still basking in that moment. It was so good, because, well I wanted to impress them all but I really wanted to impress Ladi6 because I just think she's really cool and she's like a professional you know?

"As soon as she said that she thought I was a professional, I was like, I told Art that night and I was like, 'Ladi6 thought I was a pro'," she said.