Woman who allegedly cheated with Tristan Thompson leaks private messages from Khloe Kardashian

The woman at the centre of the latest Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian cheating scandal has shared screenshots that seemingly show Khloe messaging her about the affair and asking her to keep quiet. 

Instagram model Sydney Chase made headlines last week after she claimed she had intimate relations with Tristan, who told her he was single despite having rekindled his romance with Khloe. 

The revelations from Sydney's appearance on the No Jumper podcast caused a frenzy online, and since then, the social media influencer has doubled down on her claims. 

In screenshots shared to Sydney's Instagram story and obtained by The Shade Room, one message seemingly from the Keeping Up With Kardashians star began: "Hey Sydney, this is Khloe…" The remainder of the message was censored, but eagle-eyed social media users noticed the words "meet up" were included. 

A follow up message read: "I would appreciate it if our conversation can remain confidential," followed by the prayer hands emoji. 

Several US media outlets have reported that Tristan sent a cease and desist letter to both the No Jumper podcast and Sydney following the accusations. 

Adam John Grandmaison, the host of the podcast, confirmed he had received a notice from Tristan's attorney, and said that the episode featuring Sydney had been reuploaded with her claims of Tristan's infidelity edited out. 

Meanwhile, Sydney insisted that she had not received a cease and desist letter from anyone, writing on her Instagram Story: "The articles are giving false information. Let this be a lesson to not let anyone no matter the money or fame they have, to shut you down or tarnish your name."