X Factor NZ judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon survive apartment fire, lose everything

Disgraced X Factor NZ judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon have survived a serious fire at their New York apartment in which they almost lost everything. 

Kiwi singer Moon and his British wife, who were fired from the show in 2015 after their brutal critique of a contestant, were the victims of a "five-alarm gas fire that took 200 firemen 12 hours to put out", according to a post shared by Kills on Instagram. 

"We lost almost everything but our neighbour saved our dog Bambi and luckily we get to start over together!" said the singer, who now goes by Teddy Sinclair. 

Kills shared several videos showing the severity of the blaze and the burned out husk of the apartment building in the aftermath. 

"It's terrifying and tragic, and after a hard year with COVID-19 the next few months won't be easy... but honestly I couldn't feel any more lucky/blessed than I do right now!" 

"Thank you so, so much to the brave firefighters that kicked ass and risked their lives, thank you to our neighbour Kyle for saving our dog, and a huge thank you to our friends," she concluded.

Kills famously admitted to attempting to burn down her ex-boyfriend's house when she was a teenager in several interviews, telling Swagger New York in 2013: "I tried to set fire to the house with us all in it after a really big, crazy argument." 

"Don't worry he totally deserved it," she continued. "The police came, and of course it was all taken care of and no one got burned to death which is great."

Kills and Moon were axed from the second and final season of X Factor NZ after they tore into contestant Joe Irvine, accusing him of copying Moon's look. 

The couple prompted outrage and accusations of bullying after Kills told Irvine he "made her sick" and that he had "no identity". 

"I am disgusted at how much you have copied my husband... you're a laughing stock... I'm embarrassed to even be sitting here in your presence," Kills said. 

Moon called Irvine "cheap and absurd", comparing him to Psycho character Norman Bates and suggesting Irvine was about to "stick someone's skin to his face and kill everyone in the audience". 

Kills later claimed the move was a "publicity stunt" that resulted in a "global witch-hunt" which she couldn't defend herself against due to a "wide-reaching legal gagging order". 

"It was a truly regrettable situation for everyone involved," she shared in a Facebook post in 2016.