Australian comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed return to place they started out, New Zealand

Australian comedy duo The Inspired Unemployed are making mischief in New Zealand. 

The pair, who now have more than one million followers on Instagram, were once struggling to find work in Queenstown. Now they're back in the country where it all started, filming their outrageous antics. 

They're the definition of Aussie larrikins.

But Matt Ford and Jack Steele are self-employed social media stars, or what Steele calls "full-time idiots".

They're two former tradies who never expected to gain such traction. 

"It does blow your mind - we never thought this was going to happen," says Matt.

Their home videos filmed with mates in New South Wales have netted a huge following which has seen them skyrocket to stardom, starring in magazines and storming Australian fashion week - on Sunday it saw them tackled by All Blacks Damian McKenzie and Liam Messam. 

Quite the change from five years ago, when they were struggling to find work in New Zealand.

"We started making our first videos in Queenstown - we didn't work for like three months. We were bored shitless pretty much."

Now they make a living off their outrageous antics, each one funnier than the next.

Watch the video.