Billie Eilish's twerking skills surprise in 'Lost Cause' music video

Billie Eilish continues to stun her fans with new incarnations of herself, showing off her twerking skills in the music video for her new breakup song 'Lost Cause'. 

The newly blonde singer dances around a mansion with a bevvy of friends in the playful clip for her latest track, ditching her trademark moody tones for a decidedly more upbeat vibe. 

Switching looks between silky pajamas, bike shorts and a baggy t-shirt, and even a pair of lacy knickers with a cropped cardigan, a joyous Eilish busts a series of moves that include several TikTok dances and twerking choreography. 

The video has sent fans into a frenzy, with many commenting on how body-confident and happy the 19-year-old appears in her own skin. 

"When Billie started twerking I dropped everything - she's feeling herself as she should," one YouTube user commented. 

"Old Billie: Nose bleeding, New Billie: Twerking," said another, referring to the infamous nose-bleed scene from Eilish's sulky hit video 'Bad Guy'. 

"Twerking Billie... Never thought we would see the day but [what a] QUEEN," wrote a third. 

Another fan declared: "The spirit of Billie is upon me and I need to twerk, hallelujah." 

Not everyone was a fan of the Grammy-winner's new vibes, however, with one comment calling the twerking "unnecessarily random", and another labelling it "weird". 

Eilish unveiled a new sexy look on the cover of British Vogue last month, rocking a series of latex stockings and corsets for a story about feeling empowered to wear what she wants without fear of body-shaming.