Cara Delevingne's Architectural Digest tour of insane house reveals R-rated detail in 'Pink Room'

Cara Delevingne opened up her home to the Architectural Digest cameras for a tour where she showed off her poker room, ball pit room and 'vagina tunnel', among other things. 

The supermodel also candidly invited the cameras into the 'Pink Room' or what she also calls the 'P**sy Palace', where she pointed out the tactile soft walls, a swing and a variety of fluffy ball pillows. 

What she failed to mention, however, were a pair of pink handcuffs secured with long chains to what appeared to be a large round bed. 

Cara Delevingne's Architectural Digest tour of insane house reveals R-rated detail in 'Pink Room'
Photo credit: YouTube/Architectural Digest

With so many zany details to point out throughout the house, it's understandable that Delevingne may have simply forgotten to make mention of the cuffs, but it surely must be a first for Architectural Digest's celebrity 'Open Door' series. 

The British beauty did admit the room was "a little bit more sexy" as she breezed past the stripper pole, noting the swing was there "if you wanna play", but the handcuff and bed set up were ignored in the background. 

Other news outlets combed the video for evidence of Delevingne's now-infamous $700 sex bench, which she was spotted carrying into her home with her then-girlfriend Ashley Benson in 2019. 

With no sign of the bench, it's possible the Suicide Squad star decided to leave it on the side of the road/donate it to auction/burn it in a fire when she and Benson split last year. 

Jezebel suggested the raunchy piece of equipment may well be "tucked away" in the 'Pink Room' out of sight from prying eyes, but considering Delevigne made no effort to conceal the cuffs, that scenario appears unlikely. 

Perhaps more feasible is the idea that the bench resides in Delevingne's hypothetical "dungeon", which she joked she "couldn't show '' Architectural Digest for fear of "showing all her secrets". 

"That was a joke, I don't have a dungeon," Delevingne added. "That would be weird..." 

The 28-year-old concluded the tour by thanking the cameras for coming to see her wacky pad, but insisted she had "a lot of more fun things to do when you leave", before waving them off. 

Oh my.