Dom Harvey reveals incident that almost ended his radio career in 1990

The Edge radio host Dom Harvey has shared a written warning he received from his employer 31 years ago while working at the now-defunct 2XS FM. 

Harvey posted the warning to the Edge Breakfast Facebook page with the caption: "How did I not get fired back then?" 

The letter, which looks to be composed with a typewriter, was Harvey's "first written warning" after he failed to "fulfill work commitments on several occasions". 

Rodger Clamp, the station's programme director, highlighted multiple problems in the written warning and indicated Harvey could have lost his job over them.

"I was disappointed to find you asleep at reception at 7:10am on March the 7th, especially after our Friday meeting," Clamp wrote.

"I was very disappointed in your failure to turn up at work for a 6am start on Sunday March the 4th. You put a fellow worker in an uncomfortable situation of having to call his superior, being myself and then I had to come into work for a period of 45 minutes until you arrived one hour and 15 minutes late."

The warning goes on to describe Harvey's "bad attitude" when it comes to manning the station during the early morning. 

"I consider your behaviour and attitude unprofessional," Clamp said.

"It is my job to put the right person with the right job, should you be the wrong person I will have no alternative but to find someone else."

The warning acknowledged Harvey was suffering "personal problems" at the time but stated "whatever domestic problems you may have had they can not interfere with the running of this radio station".

Harvey clearly listened to Clamp's warning as he has gone on to be a highly successful radio host, leading The Edge's popular Breakfast show for over a decade.