Ed Sheeran says he would perform at 'best human on Earth' Jacinda Ardern's wedding

Ed Sheeran says he would perform at 'best human on Earth' Jacinda Ardern's wedding
Photo credit: Getty Images

Ed Sheeran wouldn't hesitate to "make himself available" to perform at Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's wedding, calling her "the best human on the planet". 

Speaking to The Hits Breakfast show with Jono and Ben, the 'Shape of You' singer gushed about Ardern, recalling the last time the pair spent time together. 

Earlier in the day, Ardern told the radio show to ask Sheeran if he remembered the cheese scones she baked him, remarking: "I pride myself on my cheese scones". 

The hosts then asked the Prime Minister if she'd like the pop star to play at her wedding, a suggestion she shrugged off thinking a stint in managed isolation would put Sheeran off. 

"I feel like the quarantine that may be attached to it may not make it worth his while," she said.

"I'm sure without that he'd be keen... I'm kidding. I definitely don't think there's any circumstances where he would ever want to play a wedding!"

Not only did Sheeran confirm he "loved" the scones he shared with the Prime Minister, he declared her "the best human being on Earth" and said he would absolutely play her wedding, given the chance. 

"I know, like, politics is politics and people in New Zealand will have differences of opinion, but in England she is seen as just 'it'. We love her. I love her," he said. 

The 'Perfect' hitmaker queried when the Prime Minister was due to get hitched, but wasn't deterred by the fact the date remains a mystery. 

"Do you know what? I would make myself available if I was free, to play her wedding," Sheeran said.

"I think she's brilliant. I think she's what you need in a leader. New Zealand should be really proud... the whole world has looked at New Zealand and been like, these guys have got it right."