Emma Stone explains her delight in tackling Cruella with costar Emma Thompson

Disney's Cruella is already a bonafide box office hit - so much so that a sequel has already been given the green light.

And there can be no Cruella without Cruella De Vil - Emma Stone.

This live-action Cruella is winning over the fans as well as the critics the world over, with Emma Stone centre-stage as the impossibly and naughtily charismatic Cruella.

For Stone it's the phenomenally gifted costume and make-up creatives here who give her everything she needed to deliver on the legend.

"I was wearing their art, it was so incredible looking in the mirror," Stone says.

"Once I was ready I was like, 'well, I guess that's Cruella. I'll just read the lines and let's just do it'."

Stone is so very clearly having a cracking time on-screen breathing new life into this iconic Disney villain and making Cruella her own. But there is more than just one villain in this piece - do watch out for The Baroness.

The double-whammy one-two punch of this Cruella is we get the treat of not one but two brilliant Emmas with fellow Oscar-winner Emma Thompson stealing scenes left, right and centre.

"I've wanted to work with her for a very very long time," Stone says.

"I think she's - obviously - like everyone does - brilliant and I cannot imagine anyone else in this part. She's so perfectly cutting and funny and awful and so good."

Awful and good just quite simply awfully good. Cruella is best seen on a big screen near you.