'I cried': Robyn Malcolm's emotional call for more support for MIQ nurses after being released

Robyn Malcolm has called for extra support to be given to nurses working in managed isolation (MIQ) facilities in an emotional message about her release from quarantine. 

The Kiwi acting icon wrote that she "cried" on finishing her stay at Wellington's Bay Plaza Hotel, where she spent two weeks after returning from working in the US.

Malcolm noted "nurses are always on the front line in any human crisis and MIQ is no different", recalling deciding nurses were "the best people" after staying with her mother in hospital after the Christchurch earthquakes. 

"I've been in conversation with a few nurses over the past few weeks and the pressure on these guys is IMMENSE," the Outrageous Fortune star wrote on Instagram. 

"As much as I have seen and heard many, many stories from the quarantined revealing how truly tough it can be in ISO for them, the nurses often bear the brunt on the other side. 

"They are overworked and underpaid."  

Malcolm said that one nurse she spoke to told her three healthcare workers had been put in charge of 300 people staying in one facility. 

"Impossible," Malcolm wrote. 

"Many things should be revisited over the next months within the MIQ system, supporting nurses needs to be right at the top of that list."