'Is Britney Spears safe right now?': Meghan McCain calls for FBI to extradite pop star from her home after bombshell court testimony

Meghan McCain has suggested Britney Spears may well be in danger following her combshell court testimony about her "abusive" conservatorship. 

The View co-host called on the FBI to extradite Spears from her home after the pop star alleged shocking human rights violations took place with her father as her conservator for the last 13 years. 

Spears told the judge at her hearing this week that she was not allowed to have an IUD removed to prevent her from having another baby, had been drugged with lithium against her will and was forced to work as a "slave", among many other shocking details. 

During a segment on The View, McCain said she was "sick to her stomach" listening to the audio of Spears' testimony, calling her experience "a definition of human trafficking". 

"I mean this with absolute sincerity and not hyperbole - is Britney Spears safe right now? This very second," McCain asked in a tweet. 

"The people who did this to her are psychopaths and could very well retaliate against her for speaking out. This is a real time crisis that can’t wait for another court date." 

McCain called for an investigation into human rights violations against the 39-year-old mother of two, saying the "extreme" situation "goes beyond any normal courts". 

"Britney Spears was held captive, out in the open and we gawked at her and didn't listen. This is how we treat famous women," she tweeted. 

"Thank God she didn't kill herself. There is a rot in our culture.

McCain pointed out that lithium, which Spears said made her feel "drunk", was an "extreme medication" and could do "long-term damage" to her brain, because she shouldn't have been prescribed it. 

"She is not allowed to have agency over her body, over her reproductive rights, and she is ostensibly being kept as a slave, and working as a slave for her family and these conservators," she added. 

"I actually believe this has reached the level that the FBI needs to be involved and extradite her from her home away from these people this very moment because these are people that could continue the abuse in real time. I think it's that extreme."