Jemaine Clement says Bret McKenzie is ghosting him about Flight of the Conchords reunion

Jemaine Clement says a Flight of the Conchords reunion would prove tricky to organise as his co-star Bret McKenzie isn't replying to his emails. 

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the funnyman said he wasn't actually sure if a FOTC special was on the cards, but that his correspondence with his musical partner had been decidedly one-sided. 

"I emailed Bret twice in the last week, and he hasn't replied to either of those," he joked. 

"So I don't know. I'm sure I'll get an answer, but it'll take some days. The first one I sent a few days ago, and he'll maybe reply to that one in a week. The second one I may get a reply in like a month saying, 'I just saw this!'." 

Clement said it was surprising the pair had even got it together enough to make two seasons of the hit comedy show, which finished in 2009. 

As for how the hapless duo of Bret and Jemaine would have coped with COVID-19 restrictions, Clement reckons they wouldn't have let a pandemic get in the way of creating tunes. 

"I think they would have been trying to jam over Zoom and being frustrated with the time lag," he said. 

"But they'd keep going! They'd be working all day trying to figure out who should start first and playing slightly earlier, so when I came in we would be on time. 

"And Murray [Rhys Darby] would be a little box in the Zoom."

Clement and McKenzie did reunite for an HBO Special in 2018, but it seems the next installment could be a way off yet.