Justin Timberlake breaks silence on Britney Spears' conservatorship after bombshell testimony

Britney Spears' ex-boyfriend and fellow popstar Justin Timberlake has spoken up about the 'Toxic' singer's restrictive conservatorship, after her shocking testimonial against her father and her team in court. 

Spears spoke publicly in open court for the first time about her father Jamie Spears' role as conservator over her personal and financial affairs, which he's had control of since 2008. 

She called for her father to be "jailed" for the "abusive" conservatorship, which has left her "traumatised, depressed" and "unable to sleep". 

The Grammy winner compared the control her father has over to her "sex trafficking", claiming she was drugged with lithium against her will, was banned from having an IUD removed to prevent her having another baby, and had her credit card, cash, phone and passport taken away.

In a series of tweets, Timberlake, who dated Spears from 1998 - 2002, said everyone should be supporting the pop superstar "after what we saw today". 

"Regardless of our past, good and bad, and no matter how long ago it was… what’s happening to her is just not right," Timberlake continued. 

"No woman should ever be restricted from making decisions about her own body. No one should EVER be held against their will… or ever have to ask permission to access everything they've worked so hard for." 

Timberlake said he and his wife Jessica Biel were sending "their love and absolute support to Britney during this time". 

"We hope the courts and her family make this right and let her live however she wants to live." 

Spears' bombshell testimonial confirmed some of the fears of the #FreeBritney movement, which has long been alleging the star has been manipulated and held against her will, and campaigning to see the end of the conservatorship.