Kiwi radio host Lauren Mabbett says man spat in her face, threatened to knock her out at Wellington bar

Lauren Mabbett wrote about her alleged attack at K Bar in Wellington on Twitter.
Lauren Mabbett wrote about her alleged attack at K Bar in Wellington on Twitter. Photo credit: Twitter / Google Maps

A Wellington-based radio announcer has allegedly been attacked at a Wellington karaoke bar. 

The Hits host Lauren Mabbett tweeted about her experience at Club K, also known as 'K Bar', sarcastically warning "ladies" to "never tell a guy to leave you alone". 

"Last night a dude at a Wellington bar spat in my face after I told him to leave me alone," Mabbett wrote.

"Then he threatened to knock me out. So remember ladies, when out at night and minding your business, never tell a guy to leave you alone." 

Mabbett also wrote in the Twitter thread the man was "drunk and getting into people's faces". 

Her story garnered many sympathetic replies from fellow Twitter users. 

"That's so awful, and scary. Glad you weren't hurt any more," one person wrote. 

"That is atrocious and unacceptable behaviour anywhere, by anyone," another person said.

"You have an absolute right to tell someone to leave you alone and for that to be respected."

Mabbett thanked her followers for their support, and said she was "totally fine". 

"Thanks everyone for the support! I'm totally fine, just pissed off that this is even a thing we have to deal with," she said.

"I've sent the bar a detailed email and requested they check their cameras so he can be tracked down."

She said the "seriousness" of the alleged assault had just "sunk in". 

"The seriousness of what happened has sunk in today so I've now contacted the police as well. This guy shouldn't be out and about roaming our streets."

Newshub has contacted Mabbett for comment.