Kiwi stuntwoman Dayna Grant shares tearful thank you video after over $86k raised for emergency brain surgery

Kiwi stuntwoman Dayna Grant shares tearful thank you video after over $86k raised for emergency brain surgery
Photo credit: Twitter/Lucy Lawless; Twitter/Dayna Grant

Kiwi stuntwoman Dayna Grant has shared a tearful video thanking those who donated to her GiveALittle page in order to get her urgent brain aneurysm surgery after she was injured on set. 

Grant, who is known for her stunt work on Xena: Warrior Princess and films like Wonder Woman, Mad Max: Fury Road and Snow White, sustained a head injury while filming a major project, according to the fundraising page

"After experiencing symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury, Dayna was sent for Neuroimaging CT and MRI scans," the GiveALittle blurb reads. 

"Unfortunately she received the devastating diagnosis of an 8mm Aneurysm and upper spinal (neck) injuries. Surgeons recommend immediate surgery." 

Donations to Grant have already well exceeded the NZ$60,000 goal, with funds sitting at almost $87,000 at the time of writing. 

"Hey everyone, I don't even know how to say this. I'm absolutely speechless with all the love and support from everyone all around the world," Grant said in a tearful video shared to social media. 

"Oh my God, I look terrible," she laughed through tears. "I couldn't write it in a message, and I just want to reply to all of you, and I can't. 

"Thank you all so much. Thank you, I don't know what else to say." 

An update on the GiveALittle page stated that Grant would now be able to receive Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy (OT) and other modalities post-op that will expedite her healing. She is expected to be unable to work for six months following the surgery. 

"The donations have been pouring in as fast as the tears of gratitude," the update reads. "Dayna is most definitely feeling the love." 

Xena star Lucy Lawless shared her support for the cause earlier this week, pledging to match dollar-for-dollar every donation that used the hashtag #XenaLove in aid of her friend and stunt double. 

The GiveALittle page doesn't say what the production Grant was working on when she was injured, but Deadline reports she was filming Amazon's Lord of the Rings series earlier this year when the incident took place. 

Messages from donors on Grant's GiveALittle page dub her an "inspiration" and the "brave backbone of the film industry". She is also a mother of three, runs a stunt school based in Aotearoa and works with youth.