Lorde reveals there's 'definitely more' beach-cult videos to come

Lorde has revealed she shot a "whole lot" of footage in the same location as her Solar Power music video and there's "definitely more to come".

The Grammy winner's single 'Solar Power' dropped earlier this month alongside a music video that shows her dressed in bright yellow singing and dancing at the beach with friends entirely clad in neutral colours.

Speaking to The Project on Tuesday Lorde explained she knew "the video would be what it was quite early on".

"I definitely had a vision of, kind of, this community on a beach somewhere that sort of starts to unfold," she tells The Project host Jesse Mulligan before revealing there is more beach community content to come. 

"We've sort of shot a whole lot of videos in the same location so there's definitely more to come." 

She adds that "heaps" of her friends were in the video including her little brother. 

"All the little vignettes, I was like I want my friends to be there, heaps of my friends are in the video. My little brother's there. I was like 'I want to hit some sort of fruit bong but is it a radish?' and we figured out the fennel is perfect with the little spout." 

Lorde says she started writing Solar Power two years ago so was ready to part with it and "send it on". 

 "I feel bad that it's the depths of winter for everyone I know down there," she admits to Mulligan.

"Kind of an evil time to release a summer bop." 

Lorde announced on Tuesday that she would be touring her new album in New Zealand and Australia early next year. When asked if she was excited to play Solar Power live and see people dancing to it, she revealed she's not sure if it's something people can dance to. 

"It is quite weird… I can't imagine the.. just all the percussion you know it might not be a very sexy dancefloor vibe but it felt so triumphant and celebratory to me.

"But maybe you could do some sort of extended dance remix Jesse, get the people going," she jokes to Mulligan. 

Asked if she considers how a song will go on TikTok while writing it, Lorde says there's "literally no part" of her brain that ponders over the app. 

"I'm not on TikTok, I don't know what it is." 

She says her social media hiatus and personal growth was behind the album. 

"I mean all of this has just come from feeling really inspired in my personal life. 

"I got off social media a couple years ago. I just realised it wasn't making me feel very good and that I had an addiction."

Getting off social media means she doesn't want her fans to have to log on to see what's happening with her music. 

"I was like, 'I don't know if I in good faith can, or good conscience can be requiring that of my kids, my fans', to be like, 'Hey hang on your phone every second to catch what I'm up to!' Instead by being like 'I'm gonna email you once a week… don't overthink it, you'll get it, you'll get all the information'. I think that really appealed to me." 

Lorde also revealed her mum "loved" her risque Solar Power album cover.

"She loved it, she was very into it, yeah I think all good vibes from the fam." 

Lorde's return to the stage has been five years in the making, following a long hiatus from touring and making music.

She will play five shows across outdoor venues in Aotearoa in early 2022, and will then head across the ditch for four more gigs. Before her headline tour kicks off, Lorde will also perform as part of Christchurch festival Electric Avenue's lineup on February 26.