Mia Khalifa triggers outrage with Israel 'apartheid' wine tweet, responds by mocking coverage

Former porn star Mia Khalifa is ridiculing the outrage she caused with a tweet about wine that called Israel an "apartheid state".

The 28-year-old Lebanese-American became one of the most popular performers on Pornhub after wearing a hijab in some videos and has since become a fierce defender of Palestinians on social media.

"My wine is older than your apartheid 'state'," Khalifa said on Twitter with photos of her posing with wine, including a 1943 bottle of Charles Heidsieck champagne from France.

Many responses pointed out that France was occupied by the Nazis at that time, with some media outlets labelling her drink "Nazi-era champagne".

"You're drinking wine made in 1943 Nazi-occupied France, while denying thousands of years of Jewish history in our ancestral homeland. Glad you found the perfect pairing for your antisemitism!" tweeted Israeli writer Hen Mazzig.

"Mia Khalifa taunting the Jewish state specifically with Nazi wine made during the Holocaust has convinced me that anti-Zionism is really just good faith criticism of the Israeli government," tweeted Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel.

However, other replies - including from Khalifa herself - note that the bottles have royal warrants from the UK's King George VI along with "reserve for Great Britain" on their labels.

France was liberated from Nazi forces between June, 1944 and May, 1945.

Khalifa also denied she was being an anti-Semite in her criticism of Israel and mocked people for pointing to her porn career while arguing against her pro-Palestinian messages.

"I will never comprehend how 'you're a murderer' can be retorted with 'yeah, but you've had sex! HA! Slut!'," she tweeted.

"If you don't understand the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, log the f**k off the internet. I block every single one of these sentiments that I can find. If you see things like this in my mentions, report them, please."

She also poked fun at news reports of her drinking "Nazi-era" wine by enjoying fruit juice and dancing to Edith Piaf's 'La Vie En Rose', an iconic '40s French song she suggested would also be deemed a Nazi classic by the same news outlets.